In the historic village of Santameri Achaias, 30Km from the city of Patra and at an altitude of 600m is located the traditional winery Sant’Or. In the area, with its particular microclimate and granite mountains, you find the Greek varieties, Roditi and Mavrodafni and the local aromatic variety Santameriana, that revives only in their winery intertwined with olive trees, creating a beautiful landscape. The organically grown Agiorgiotiko in Nemea completes Sant’Ors varieties.

With its 50 year history, today the vineyard is a model for biodynamic wines. From their organic farming and low yields, with their mentally to carefully observe and listen to nature, the non-intrusive philosophy continues with production. Wines are produced using modern equipment, with an annual capacity of 70 tons and are stored in 225lt French oak barrels. The wines are bottled unfiltered, giving it a silky texture and impulsive aromas. In 2019 Sant’Or winery was the first Demeter certified winery in Greece.

For the white wines, the grapes of Santameriana and Roditi are picked by hand and put in the destemmer, which separates the stems from the berries. The grapes are then pressed gently at low pressures. The red Agiorgitiko grapes are also picked by hand and put in the destemmer. They are then crushed and fermented, in a controlled temperature tank for about 20-25 days with daily stirring to extract colour and other polyphenolic compounds. They then go through the press and the grapes are pressed gently at low pressures. Following a natural flow, the wines fill the barrels in the cellar. The wine remains in oak barrels for ageing for 18 months.


Grown biodynamically in rainfed organic vineyards and expressing the finesse of a Mavrodafni, ethereal and slightly fragile, Krasis is a seductive dry black Laurel. Classic red vinification is followed with indigenous yeasts and aged in old oak barrels. It is bottled unfiltered

It has an excellent acidity, tannins like raw silk but also has a very subtle finesse, which develops on your palate. Being of ruby colour, vivid and velvety, aromatic and silky in the mouth, with notes of cherries, strawberry and roses and a spicy feel that is however perfectly refined. It pairs well with red sauce pasta, oily fish and grilled white meat.

Pairs well with Pasta with red sauce, oily fish, grilled white meat.

Agiorgitiko Nature

Sant’Ors Agiortitiko Nature comes from organic rain fed vineyards  in Asprokampos Nemeas. Through classic red vinification in old oak barrels it is bottled unfiltered.

Deep red in color, it has intense elegance, cool red fruit aromas of cherry, sour cherry and licorice and the alcohol doesn’t burn you. An airy, pleasant, and clear refreshing wine with ideal ripeness and range for the palette. Rich mouth feel with soft tannins and a long aftertaste, a style resulting from the excellent mountain terroir but also through the gentle hand of the winemaker.

The Agiorgitiko Nature is easy to drink now, but with its structure, acidity and fruit, it helps it age gracefully for 5 years. As for pairing, it seeks meat in all its forms.

Santameriana Nature

The white vines of Santameriana were saved from total extinction, with its beautiful story enhancing its nostalgic feelings when tasting. Biodynamic and organic rainfed vineyard with a slope of 60°, and like all the natural wines of the Sant’Or winery, Santameriana is produced with indigenous yeasts, spontaneous malolactic fermentation without clarification and filtration with minimal sulphites added only before bottling.

Santameriana’s colour is bright white yellow colour. The flavours are soft, Its aromas are mild, rich and fruity, with a cashmere texture in the mouth. Aromas and flavours reminiscent of ripe citrus and quince. It has a robust aftertaste and refreshing acidity.  It ages beautifully within 5 years.

It pairs excellently with white cheese, omelets and pies

Santameriana Orange

Santameriana Orange is a skin-fermented version that has reappeared in recent years. The wine is grown on a Biodynamic – Organic rainfed vineyard with a slope of 60° and is fermented spontaneously with native yeasts for 20 days in clay amphorae with the skins and without temperature control.

Santameriana orange is adventurous, of deep orange/copper colour, unfolding a light tannic structure and a deep honeyed orange peel and bergamot mix and dried apricot. The waves of freshness and minerality help balance the appetizing bitterness of tannins and ripe-dried fruit. The result is an extremely balanced orange wine.

It pairs nicely with lamb and sheep dishes and with Chinese cuisine.