Karimalis – Akissare – 2022


Fokiano, Koundouro (Mantilaria) and Begleri –

Rose wine – Ikaria

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Fokiano, Koundouro (Mantilaria) and Begleri – Rose wine – Ikaria

Vinification: Takes place with the aid of indigenous yeasts that reflect the unique terroir of the island It undergoes pre-fermentation cryo-extraction for 18 hours, natural fermentation with native, wild yeasts.

Maturation: Aged for 5 months on the wine lees in an antioxidant environment. One months in a stainless steel tank with controlled temperature for natural stabilization-clarification by cooling without the use of filters. It is a minimal intervention wine.

Balanced flavor, aroma of fresh red fruits, as well as a unique pink colour, just like that of the akissare flower. It has some notes of honey and honeycomb which justify the name.

The name Akissare meaning rock rose is an aromatic, bee-feeding plant, which thrives on the land of Ikaria and has many medicinal properties.