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Sclavos Monambeles  2021

Karimalis Philosopher 2012

Tatsis  Malagousia Orange 2020

Sclavos Efranor  2021

Afianes Litani  2021

Flamourou Kisiropi 2021

Sclavos – Monambeles – 2021

Mavrodafni  - Red Wine – Kefalonia

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Karimalis – Philosopher – 2012

50% Fokiano and 50% Kountouro (Mandilaria) – Red wine – Ikaria

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Tatsis – Malagouzia Orange - 2020

Malagouzia – Orange Wine – Goumenissa

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Sclavos – Efranor – 2021

Moschatela and Vostilidi – White wine – Kefalonia

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Afianes – Litani – 2021

Begleri – White wine - Ikaria

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Flamourou – Kisiropi – 2021

Gaidouria – White wine – Anafi

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sclavos monambelesSclavos – Monambeles – 2021

Mavrodafni  – Red wine – Kefalonia

Vinification: winemaking process is biodynamic, with the harvest taking place in the first fortnight of September and including long extraction, completion of the alcoholic and maloactic fermentation with native yeasts, aged in French 5lt Allier oak barrels and in a three-ton oak winemaker for at least twelve months

Impressive concentration and intensity of spices and fruits such as berries and plums

Charcuterie, stuffed turkey, tomato braised dishes, octopus stew or wine braised, spicy dishes

 karimalis philosofosKarimalis – Philosopher – 2012

50% Fokiano and 50% Kountouro (Mandilaria) – Red wine – Ikaria

VInification: with the aid of indigenous yeasts that reflect the unique terroir of the island, Aged for 24 months in oak barrels with additional bottle ageing

Deep red full body, ripe cherry, well balanced

Meat, spices, crispy roast and similar vegetables

 tatsis malagouzia orangeTatsis – Malagousia orange – 2020

Malagouzia – Orange wine – Goumenissa

Vinification: The extraction takes place in open tanks at the winery and lasts thirty days. The wine is then matured in old oak barrels for eighteen months before being released cloudy, unfiltered and unsulphured on the market

Ripe orange, quince, tangerine, citron, grapefruit, and kumquat meet on a nutty background

Pumpkin soup with Moroccan spices, ginger and yogurt, chicken satay, or octopus with honey and balsamic

sclavos efranorSclavos – Efranor – 2021

Moschatela and Vostilidi – White wine – Kefalonia

Vinification: The fermentation and maturation takes place in stainless steel tanks with a stay in fine mud for about 7 months without the addition of preservatives. Bottling is done without filtering

Ripe white stone fruit, muscat flavours, almond notes

Shellfish, crab & lobster

 afianes litaniAfianes – Litani – 2021

Begleri – White wine – Ikaria

Vinification: Pre-fermentation cooling, then fermentation in a controlled environment with the stainless steel tank closed and at a temperature below 12°C. After the end of fermentation and the first de-scaling, stirring with the noble muds follows every ten days for four months and then bottling

Its saltiness, sweet aftertaste, and high acidity perfectly balance out the aromas of quince and buttermilk caramel.

Oven-baked lamb with potatoes, lemon, and rosemary, grilled

flamourou kisiropiFlamourou – Kisiropi – 2021

Gaidouria – White wine – Anafi

Vinification: no info

Well rounded, green apple and ripe stones fruits