Anatolikos – Natural Orange wine – 2020


Assyrtiko & Malagousia – Orange wine – Xanthi

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Assyrtiko & Malagousia – Orange wine – Xanthi

Vinification process:  Long fermentation with the lees in clay amphora with only indigenous yeasts followed by maturation in the amphora with the lees for 270 days without sulphurisation. It is unprocessed and unfiltered.

Rich and generous with an amber color, earthy and complex with nutty aromas such as honeydew fruits such as apricot, persimmon, orange, bitter orange, peach and citrus. Then notes of dough such as bun, brioche and sourdough but also spicy aromas such as cardamom and nutmeg, make their appearance. Its earthiness is revealed with notes of wet earth and white tea. Gentle tannins, balanced acidity, complex and exuberant aftertaste. Moderate volume, with and acidity, a strong sense of oiliness and soft but noticeable tannins. Sweet orange, bitter orange, kumquat, bergamot, flower honey, tsureki, machele, cardamom, apricot jam, peach compote, green tea, butter and hazelnut make up an incredibly complex, delicious and refined ensemble. Citrus aftertaste that lingers…

Try it with seafood, raw shellfish, sushi, smoked fish, roe, fatty fish, red pot meats, lamb, sweetbreads, game, wild mushrooms, truffles, cheeses and curing cured meats and wine-killers ingredients. Enjoy at 12-14°C after decanting into a carafe.