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Fokiano – Rose wine – Ikaria

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Fokiano – Rose wine – Ikaria

Vinification: Destemming without pressing. The grape juice remains with the pomace for 3 hours. It is then pressed, cold soaked and fermented in a controlled environment inside a closed stainless steel tank at a temperature lower than 12°C. After the end of the fermentation and the primary removal of sediment, the wine is stirred with its noble lees every 10 days for 3 months until it is finally bottled.

Opaque, natural red-brown color with orange highlights, and long-lasting legs. Unexpected and surprising taste of white pepper, dried fruits, and Ikarian brushwood. Its full body balances perfectly with its cooling acidity and its high minerality.

Pairs with light dishes, as well as seafood cooked in red sauces. Traditional Greek and Asian cuisine with sweet and sour tastes. Best served at 10-12°C in the summer and 16°C in the winter.