Stefanos Michalis started wine production of the Flamouros estate on the island through the collaboration with the late winemaker, Haridimos Hatzidakis. In the beginning the grapes vinified in Santorini, at the old Hatzidaki winery with the process being moved to the island of anafi and in the Flamourou estate. Now they grow, Assyrtiko, Gaidouria, a little Aidani, with some scattered red indigenous vines, which make up the unique red wine of the estate. A characteristic of the winery is the Kyssiropi label, which is also a region in Anafi. The name, comes from the ancient Greek word “kissiris”, the pumice stone. In fact, the island’s terrain is almost volcanic, since it is close to the Santorini volcano.

In the past years Stefanos has managed to produce four labels: the Flamourou Estate from 100% Assyrtiko, the Kisiropi from 100% Gaidouria, the multivarietal white Hyacinth from Assyrtiko-Aidani-Gaidouria and the Pleiades, a multivarietal rosé from Fokiano-Mavrotragano-Mantilari-Boudomato-Trifiliatiko-Eftakilo. All wines are mild, naturally vinified and have a delicious, fleshy character. Flamourou produces approximately 4,000 bottles per year.


A particularly rare white variety, Gaidouria is found on the island of anafi and has a soft, sweet flavor.